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Things learned while perusing Tasmanian recipes for the Vietnamese beef curry I will not be having for dinner (why must you torture me with your delicious culinary aromas, o neighbor who is also an excellent cook?)

  • cassia quill == cinnamon stick
  • telegraph cucumbers == English cucumbers
  • punnet == basket as for berries (small? large? woven wood or pre-formed plastic? still so much to learn!)

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— Home-grown tomato salad with local (i.e. backyard) basil, mozzarella and goat cheese salad
— Crusty Italian bread (the bread was crusty, not the Italian)
— Shrimp quick-stewed in a bit of water with lots of lemon juice, salt, bay, pepper, scallions, sherry, and olive oil, then topped with a reduction of the cooking liquid. So delicious Mr. Man licked the bowl. Me too, actually.

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