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Hello, boys. What’s up?

Two young men just came to my door, braving potential rejection and possible scoliosis (if the size of their shoulder bags are any indication), to discuss the issue of corruption in the world. Now, given that they are Jehovah’s Witnesses and I am… not, it’s possible we have a different definition of “corruption.” Still, as I took their magazine with its image of white men in suits exchanging handfuls of cash and closed the door on the boys’ smiling faces, a thought occurred. “Corruption” has become the sort of  marketing buzzword that resonates across groups, faiths, and political parties. That is a good thing.

The more we elevate ethical behavior, the more we expose corruption, the likelier it is that individuals, companies, and governments will be faced with a society that refuses to take such behavior for granted. We all need to ask ourselves how we might behave at our best, and then try  to follow through. If most of us can do that most of the time, then I can agree with those fresh-faced, spine-suffering proselytizers on at least one thing: there is hope for the future.

Hmm. In token support of this general push against corruption, perhaps I’ll re-watch Sahara tonight. Because it champions ethical behavior in the face of murderous corruption. Also? Steve Zahn. That is all.

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