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Oh, Hello!

Oh, hello there!

It’s been a while, but I’ve missed you. Between the holidays and the ongoing torrent of crazy that is the news and oh yes, life, it was easy to let posting here slip through the cracks.

No more! (Probably.) I’m going to be better. (Here’s hoping!) And I’m not going to spend a lot of time (any more time, that is) castigating myself over what I’ve missed. Time to get back on the horse (or moose or cow or whatever, I don’t judge).

There’s been a long enough gap in posts that starting up again seemed like A Big Deal, but it isn’t (shouldn’t be, anyway). So this is a post. Not a big deal, just doing a drive by between working on a story and making a unicorn wand. Vroom.

Because that’s how I roll. Trying to get things done and not let things get in my way (at least not for long). At the risk of sounding too positive (I’m not always, but it’s good to have goals; honestly though, I’m not usually this chipper), I think it’s time to stop overthinking (or wondering if I have too many parentheses in this post) and let the ideas flow.

Here’s hoping you aren’t letting anything stop you, either!

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