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I went for a walk yesterday with Mr Man. The weather is beautiful, and while unseasonable warmth is disturbing in an “oh crap, climate change” kind of way, it was really nice out. We headed west, basking in the warm sun, gazing up at the blue sky, enjoying the birds and the breeze and the… Ouch, what was that?

A giant hole in the pavement, that’s what. All that looking up at the sky made me trip over what was right in front of me, a foot-sized hole in the tarmac next to a storm drain. Cracks radiated out from the hole. Retreating and reassessing, I peered into the darkness and realized that the hole was more than a trip hazard, it was a portal to the underworld.

Runoff had eaten its way through the pavement, then undermined the street around the drain cover.

That looks dangerous, we said. Someone should do something about that, we said.

In my mind, one important measure of adulthood is the acceptance of responsibility, for self, family, community, country and planet. 

We took a photo of the hole and sent it to the city with a location and a repair request.

Because that “someone” was us.

* * *

Photo by Jovis Aloor on Unsplash

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