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I’m back, the world is still turning, and suddenly it’s Fall. 

Death, like so many of life’s difficulties, serves to highlight what can be accomplished in the meantime and the short span in which we have to do it.

Time to get back to work.

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Jen’s Not Here Right Now…

Sorry I’ve been away (and that I will be MIA for a few more days). Death in the family. I find it humbling and strangely joyous that everyone, at one point or another, experiences the challenges and strain of family loss… and continues on.


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Crime Novelist Elmore Leonard Dies

Elmore Leonard died today, after a recent stroke and related complications. That’s sad in all sorts of ways, most importantly for his family but also for his fans.

That said, I have had it up to here with death.

Yes, it’s inevitable. Yes, you only have one life and then poof, gone. But what if you have an impact on the people around you that will last beyond your lifetime? What if you are thoughtful and kind and concerned about bringing the best to our shared world? And what if you are a writer with the sort of innate feel for dialog, story and character that Elmore Leonard had, dedicate your efforts to the constructive pursuit of creativity, and work hard enough and well on work like Get Shorty and Maximum Bob?

Then you earn a devoted following of fans who will not only remember your efforts but will see the world in a slightly different way, thanks to your work. I am such a fan. Mr. Leonard will be missed.

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