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Some years ago my father (an avid birder) bought me a bird feeder from Droll Yankees. It’s fantastic, sturdy and big enough to hold a lot of seed. The Dipper is also designed to be squirrel proof, with perches that collapse under too much weight. Each metal bar will hold chickadees and goldfinches with no trouble, or even a very juvenile cardinal, but not a squirrel. With a metal cap capable of withstanding squirrel teeth (ask me how I know) it has been the perfect foil for the fluffy yet gluttonous neighborhood Sciuridae. It’s not that they haven’t tried, coming at the thing from all sides, but their best effort was to throw themselves at the feeder to make it swing enough to drop a few extra seeds.

Until now.

A black squirrel was the first to figure out a way to secure a hold using multiple perches. It grabs on using its back paws and chows down with the front. I had hoped it would keep the secret to itself but no, the new knowledge is spreading. (Information just wants to be free, I suppose:) A red squirrel, smug and fat, hung upside-down from the feeder this morning.

Chalk one up for the Animal Kingdom (and I don’t mean me).

World's First PhD Squirrel

I’d better go get some more bird seed.

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