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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We won’t have a night out at the pub or parades but Chicago went ahead and dyed the river green to cheer people up. Good for them. 

* * *

I’m remembering a family trip to Ireland, all of us crowded into a van that barely fit on most of the roads. It rained half the time, it was cold, and I’m never going to like blood sausage, but that paled in comparison to the overall experience.

Driving down tunnels of arched trees and rolling landscapes of the brightest, most verdant greens. Hiking through castle ruins, watching the ocean from Dingle’s shores, sleeping in a convent, the people, the music, and of course, the beer.

So here’s to my Irish relatives! Thanks for letting us share your charm, humor, stories, and of course, beer;) We’re the lucky ones.

* * *

Photo by Harris Vo on Unsplash

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