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I’ve been trying to work up a positive post for today, but the recent IPCC climate report keeps popping into my head, and that’s anything but positive. So let’s take a moment to review.

If you want a summary (or two), to read the report, or to test out the interactive atlas outlining what we can expect by region (here’s the info for North and Central America), you can. 

tl;dr: “Worst choose your own adventure book ever.”

* * *

Or check out this cartoon:

It should not come as a surprise that climate change is worse than we thought and also getting worser

Because bad news goes down easier from cute penguins. 

That said, it isn’t all bad. We’re at the bottom of the final inning, yes, but the game isn’t over yet.

* * *

Also. Humans are a lot of things, but we aren’t quitters.

We must not delude ourselves about the immense challenges the world faces, but we can’t let anxiety overwhelm and paralyse us. The world isn’t doomed quite yet – there is still a window of opportunity to change things.

— Yes, the climate crisis is terrifying. But I refuse to abandon hope

And if I learned anything from the Terminator franchise (aside from the many uses of a shotgun), it’s that there is no fate but what we make.

* * *

Photo by Damir Babacic on Unsplash

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