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It’s like this: I have a whole folder titled 365, full of interesting and informative ideas for this blog. I even had an idea for the post I wanted to do today, but lo (for various reasons involving day job bureaucracy for both myself and Mr Man), ’tis not to be. Instead, I give you ChatGPT’s idea of “a quote about joy in the voice of my cat.”

“Joy is found in the simple things, like a warm sunbeam, a cozy napping spot, and a good belly rub. Purr-fect happiness is just a whisker’s length away.”

— Your Cat.

Because this is the sort of information that everyone needs.

For more on cats and whiskers:

* You may also know that “chat” is French for cat. So now we know what’s really behind A.I…. that’s right, animal intelligence.

* * *

Photo by Joyful on Unsplash

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