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How have I spent my day? Not writing, but I have been fixing problems and making things and helping people.

So that’s cool.

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Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

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I’m baking today. I made a double batch of Sammich Bread so we would have two loaves of actual sandwich bread, and two loaves for experimentation. The extra loaves are a cinnamon walnut twist and a raisin bread with pear, cardamom, cinnamon and lemon syrup.*

The bread is currently in its second rise. I’m posting now because 

1) isn’t it nice to be on top of things? 


2) I’m pretty sure the raisin bread (at least) is going to go Not Entirely As Planned. Also, there’s no way I can get them all in the oven at the same time, which means rise times are probably going to be Not Ideal. Ah well! These things happen.

And if I post now I have a perfectly reasonable excuse not to include photos of said bread. Which may or may not look at all like I hoped:)

Me this morning. Only, not a dude.
Photo by Vaibhav Jadhav on Pexels.com

* * *

* I cheated a little, as I made poached pears the other day and that sauce is so delicious. The pears went into a jar and the extra syrup is going into… everything else:) This flavor combination is highly recommended! In fact, here’s a photo of the pears. Which are delicious. Have I mentioned?

seriously good flavor combination

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