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Me, this morning:

“I am going to get so much done today! My list is long but I’ve got this!”

Me, at noon:

“Hang on, how is it lunchtime already? That’s fine, I’ve still got lots of time.”

Me, as Mr. Man returns from early work because, oh hey, tornado warning:


Now I’m off to clear out the garage so we can get the car under cover, charge up all devices, and generally hope that this is a false alarm.

Fingers crossed!

* * *

Photo by Raychel Sanner on Unsplash

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Here’s a cat’s eye view of the snow from yesterday’s storm.

We’ve had record-breaking amounts of snow (50cm, or almost 20 inches!), stuck buses, cars in the ditch and people snowshoeing in the streets. The aforementioned kitties decided to sleep through it by the fire.

Smart kitties:)

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