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Some days, time just seems to fly by. Those are usually days with new and interesting experiences, where every moment fires off new synapses. Other days not so much, particularly on days that call for the predictable.

If you, like me, are feeling the drag of Pandemic Mondays, you might find a little comfort in this new model of Earth’s tectonic activity over the last billion years. Because there’s time that feels like it’s crawling by, and then there’s sloooooow time.

“It’s mesmerising: like ill-fitting jigsaw pieces, bits of continents slam together and morph into supercontinents, break apart, and then crash back together in new formations – with each second of the video leaping forward 25 million years.”

Tectonic timelapse – Cosmos Magazine

See the linked scientific paper for details, caveats, additional maps etc., or just sit back and watch the world morph like Play-Doh.

* * *

While you’re at it, have fun locating modern day sites across millions of years, and by milestones like first flowers (120 million years ago!). 

Ancient Earth (interactive; kind of like Jurassic Park, but with fewer teeth)

Flowers? Earth, that’s so thoughtful of you!

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