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I like October. Fall is well on its way, the sky’s blue a crisper, clearer shade, and any evening is improved with a hot beverage, a blanket and a good book.

That said, I could do without all the horror.

Yes, Halloween is this month, but be it in writing, games or movies, I am not a big fan of the horror genre. (Candy corn, yes. Knife-wielding murderers and zombie plagues? No thanks!) One of the first adult movies my father took us to was The Amityville Horror, and let’s just say it stuck with me. 

Why Horror is Good for Your Mental Health (Sorry, still not convinced!)

* * *

Tonight is a full moon, the Hunter’s Moon, and we’re also celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. I’m testing a breast-only version of Samin Nosrat’s recipe for buttermilk-brined turkey and will also find some way to use the orange-walnut butterscotch I made today.

For that and much more, I am thankful.

* * *

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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