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Snowed In

Like so many today, we’re snowed in and making the most of it.

“Oh lovely snowball, packed with care, smack a head that’s unaware! Then with freezing ice to spare, melt and soak through underwear! Fly straight and true, hit hard and square! This, oh snowball, is my prayer. I only throw consecrated snowballs.”

― Bill Watterson, Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat

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Photo by Akshay Chauhan on Unsplash

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After crawling its way across the US, a huge storm is hitting the Northeast right now. It’s strange to look down south and see weather I’m more used to associating with Canada. 

Our weather is bright sun and blue skies today, so I’ll have to empathize by tracking weather maps and making my own snowflakes with this fun online Snowflake Generator.

To my family and friends, and all those caught in the storm, stay safe!

How to shovel snow like a pro — in the least painful way | CBC News
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In looking for projected snowfalls, I found this article on Harriet Tubman:

The role weather played in The Underground Railroad

“When the sun sets in the winter at, say, 3:30 and doesn’t rise until 6 or 7, you have much longer to travel. During the day when the sun is out, it’s much easier to see somebody in the woods — to chase somebody and follow someone.”

I also hadn’t realized that Tubman was taught to navigate by Black Jacks, or free African-American sailors.

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I’ve used this image before but it’s pretty perfect for this, so here it is again:

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