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Soothing Sunday

Out of an abundance of caution we went in for a Covid test today (yes, another one). Drive-through this time, plus they had us hum through the probing. So that was new and interesting.

And… I think I’m pretty much done for the afternoon. Instead of a new recipe, or my thoughts on freezing herbs or the new Space Force uniforms or the pain of slogging through a book only to realize that it really does lack all redeeming qualities, here’s an excellent visualization of global wind patterns.

My embed code isn’t working because it’s that kind of day, but it’s worth clicking through to see the full, interactive animation.

* * *

I find watching these globe-spanning rivers of air quite soothing. It’s beautiful, and helps make any problems I might be having feel small.

And now it’s time for a frosty adult beverage!

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Dear Air New Zealand and Australia.com,

Please stop showing me perky web ads with weather maps of your fair region. I know that it is summer there when it is winter here, but you don’t have to rub my face in it. I know that my −24C is your +24C, but thinking about it makes me want to cry. I also know how lovely it is Down Under, how full of stunning vistas and sumptuous wines and delectable foodstuffs, and sigh as I peer over the wind-swept mounds of snow outside my window.


So please, please, Air New Zealand and Australia.com, stop rubbing it in. Have pity on a poor Northern Hemisphere-ite, and let me freeze in peace.

Yours in winter,

J.R. Johnson

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