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Ever have one of those bad tech days? You know the ones, where programs that worked yesterday don’t work today, and the thing you tried to fix is now even more broken, and the work files you need have mysteriously disappeared? Here at Chez J, it’s that kind of day. 

I’m meant to be updating my computer later and I’m not ashamed to admit that I am Very Afraid.

Step one: back up everything!

* * *

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Technologically speaking, today has been an uphill slog over broken ground interspersed with patches of quicksand.

Because sure, it’s Monday.

Shortly after 6:38a.m. this morning, my email decided it was done. Just, done. This happened a couple of years ago, just far enough in the past that I don’t remember all the details and have to start from scratch. 

I have spent the hours since then attempting to resuscitate the mail system without scrambling all my carefully filed material. So far no luck.

/cries out to the heavens, pounds head against desk, sighs heavy sighs

Fine. You know what, Evil Gods of Tech? Challenge accepted.

* * *

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