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Cuteness, Thy Name Is

Ok, fine, we still don’t 100% have a name for the cat but Chewbacca a.k.a. Chewy is currently in final trials. He’s extra large, very furry, talks a lot in a language most don’t understand, and his nickname is appropriate for a lover of food.

He is also an excellent hunter and downright adorable.

* * *


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In response to the top request of the week so far, I give you another kitty update.

When we first met Lord Argyle we noted that he was mostly white with a few grey-black splotches. We thought he would be a great fit and he was super cute, just had the bad fortune to be an adult cat who had been passed over too many times in favor of kittens. His coloring looked a little like Neko, our last cat, but not enough to be weird. 

Apparently, we didn’t look hard enough. 

In some positions and in certain lights, Argyle looks almost exactly like Neko. He is also long and sturdily built, a tad overweight, and enjoys the same spots she did, like the top of the stairs and the chair in the library. I sometimes catch a glimpse of him peering through the railing and do a double take.

Is it weird? A little, but as far as personalities go, that’s where the resemblance ends.

Argyle is still a little nervous but he’s also very cuddly, doesn’t mind being picked up or otherwise touched, and has yet to growl at a passing dog, lawn mower or delivery person. 

Our new overlord is sweet, and we’re having a great time getting to know him.

* * *

Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash

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The Kitty Countdown is coming to an end! We pick up our new cat tomorrow afternoon, so we’ve been running around moving precariously-balanced items, stocking up on catnip and toys, and generally getting the house ready. It’s exciting.

Wish us luck!

* * *

Photo by Melvina Mak on Unsplash

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Our menagerie is about to expand. Not only have three adorable little bunny rabbits taken to frequenting the front yard, but we finally decided on a cat. We went with the slightly older, shy, fluffy and adorable option. We’ll pick him up this weekend so no pics yet, but here’s what he looked like as a kitten.

I asked DALL-E to make you an image of “a white cat with black spots and three rabbits in a garden, layered paper style” and got this.

DALL-E: It’s nice that it tried.

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I believe I mentioned that we are just about ready for a new cat. (Honestly, can I even call myself a writer if I don’t have a cat?) The problem is, how to choose? 

We’ve started the search at our local rescue, the one we turned to when we realized that the local strays were breeding up a storm and both they and their progeny needed to be trapped. Now we’re on the other side of that equation, which feels good. Still, there are so many options, each a door into a different version of the future. (It’s kind of fun when you think of it like that.)

Do we go for a kitten, engineered by evolution to be cute (nice) but without any idea what sort of personality they’ll develop as they get older (feels a bit risky)? 

Do we go for a more sedate, cuddly cat with a couple of years under its collar, both to know what we’re getting and to skip the crazy kitten “It’s four a.m. and you have toes! I will eatz them!” phase? 

Or somewhere in between?

Friday we met a pair of kittens relatively fresh from the trap and still a bit skittish. Yesterday we met the shy adult cuddler. Tonight we meet the in-betweeners.

This is why I don’t visit the animal section in pet stores; I want to help them all.

How to choose?

* * *

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After many months, we are finally ready to start searching our local rescue for a new cat. Or two!

* * *

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Recently I was asked if I was ready for another cat, and I have to say that I’m not quite there yet. My memories still fill the house with cat-shaped holes. I see Neko around corners, on the stairs, by the patio doors.

So, not yet. But someday.

* * *

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Did we think about building an elevator for our elderly and arthritic cat? Of course we did! Here’s someone who actually pulled it off:

* Note: Our elevator design would have required an indoor vertical lift with weight-sensitive call functionality, so a little different. Still fun to think about though!

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Things we no longer need:

  • hangers on doorknobs so the cat isn’t trapped in a room
  • the scratching post in my office
  • the cat tree in the living room
  • the cardboard boxes strategically positioned in all the best kitty spots
  • the blanket on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed
  • the half-empty bottle of anti-inflammatories
  • the half-empty bag of food
  • to make sure we close the laundry room door
  • the chair by the best people-watching window 
  • to worry if I drop a bit of the brownies I made for the vet and don’t immediately pick it up
  • to mute the TV any time a crying baby appears
  • the cat bed by the fire

It’s sad not to have the cat here. That’s not so great.

But also? We had a friend over for lunch for the first time since the pandemic began. It was a fantastic festival of vaccinated friendship and exactly what we needed today. 

* * *

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

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