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“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.”

— Charles M. Schulz

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It’s Tuesday, so you almost got an encouraging quote and pretty picture, but this short story appeared in my inbox. 

I was never a philosophy student but the message still tickles my funny bone (I probably would have taken that job, though).

You might like it too.

Recipe by Tina S. Zhu

Makes one reluctant vampire hunter.


     1 desperate jobseeker

     4 YouTube videos on cooking with tomato sauce

     2 fire alarms, batteries not included

     1 friend willing to smuggle blood

     4 cloves garlic

     1 gallon expired holy water

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You may remember that I have a thing about Tuesdays. It’s work related and therefore largely unavoidable.

All sorts of ugh tends to accrue on the day, largely because it’s hard to feel groovy about taking out the trash or finding a big cobweb has somehow suddenly popped up on the living room light or whatever when your general attitude is no bueno.

Understandable. Still annoying.

Whatever, it’s fine, I’ve got this.

There are some nice things about Tuesdays, however. When the work day comes to a close I feel great. And sometimes I can share a bit of fun with you despite the day. Like this.

Tuesday Is Named For A One-handed God Named Tiu

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And yet I am still cranking away. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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Being a one-word meditation on the concentrated essence of Tiw’s Day:


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The bad news is that it’s Tuesday. The good news is that despite pandemic shortages and broken-down delivery trucks, the new dishwasher should arrive later today.

I’ll take that as a win!

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Yes, it’s Tuesday and work is crazy as usual but it’s not all negative news. We will not be hit by an asteroid today!

A huge asteroid will fly safely by Earth today. Here’s how to watch it live. | Space

See? Tuesdays aren’t all bad.

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Not an asteroid but I liked the rainbow. Photo by Cyrus Press on Unsplash

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I wish I had time to bring you a happy story about writing or science or food or magic. Instead I’m neck-deep in the news. It’s… not all bad?

Here, a super cute bunny.

Tuesdays, so fun!

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Fun at Work

One weird thing about working alone? You tend not to smile as much because there’s no one to smile at. To avoid muscle atrophy (and general Tuesday-ness), I try to think about fun things like cookies or double rainbows or a good book.

Cat videos work too;)

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Tuesdays, amirite? Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash

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While you wait, here’s a little something to keep you entertained:

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Oh look, time for lunch. That means it’s also time to show you what happened when Mr. Man made lunch over the weekend.

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So cute!

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