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Ok, not really, but between the two bits of news I have it’s a relatively apt title for this piece.

First, we had a gas leak this morning here at Chez J and now, three tech crews later, we are  no longer at risk of blowing up. Yay.

Second, Knights of Badassdom will be released in February! Apparently it’s not the director’s cut and apparently it won’t get a full theatrical release and that seems ungood, but it will be out. Yay! Knights! Demons! Badassery! And I am certain that there will be explosions!

Also, that just about meets my recommended allowance of exclamation marks for the day. So, all good. Happy weekend, everyone!*

* RDA? check;)

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What’s this, what’s this?

Knights of Badassdom Finally Gets Distributor (via Whedonesque.com)

Be still my heart. This movie looks hilarious and has a terrific cast that should be a blast to watch, including (but certainly not limited to) Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Ryan Kwanten and Steve Zahn. Thank you, EntertainmentOne. Can’t wait to see it!

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