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Just finished Ottawa Comiccon and it was a blast! Saw LeVar Burton, missed Billy Dee Williams because they moved his panel up at short notice 😦 but did get to see Jewel Staite, hear Summer Glau (lost passport = sad pandas but the apology video and panel call-in were nice touches), Nathan Fillion, and Wil Wheaton, all of whom were terrific.

The Con organizers did a good job this year, and thankfully had a huge tent waiting to protect us all from rain. Way to go, everyone, had a great time:) And as it is Mother’s Day, let me just say thank you to to my own mother, who helped me become the sort of person who spends Sunday mornings with people who dress up in tights!

I’m so going in costume next year.

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What’s happening? Ottawa Comiccon, that’s what’s happening!

In a few short hours my weekend will start and I’ll be off to bask in the glories of my fellow geeks. Just skimming the headlines, tonight it’s Billy Dee Williams and LeVar Burton, tomorrow it’s Jewel Staite and Summer Glau, then Sunday it’s Wil Wheaton and Captain Tight Pants Himself, Nathan Fillion🙂 And more, so much more, plus a posse of costumed people sure to bring cheer to even the rainiest of days.

Does it get any better than this? Nay, I think not.

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