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If you have ever needed to write a ransom-style note* but the decline of printed news has you at a loss, worry no more!

Polona Typo has come to the rescue!

Like many libraries, the National Library of Poland has digitized many of its holdings. They also have an interface that allows you to convert text into images based on scanned letters from their collection.

Sure, there are lots of ransom note generators out there (maybe too many; what are people up to?) but I like mine with a bit of history.

The Polona Typo project, based on the new Polona API, makes it possible to type, share and print your own sentences using thousands of letters from the books, posters and maps created over more than six centuries. Enjoy!

Test it out, reload to get a whole new look or click on individual letters to re-roll one at a time. Download and enjoy (responsibly, of course!).

* * *

Courtesy Polona Typo.

* * *

* Not an actual ransom note, of course. That would be wrong.

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