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One thing about adulthood is that you get better at peering behind life’s facade and seeing its complexities.

That’s not always fun, but the good part is that you get to decide what to make of it for yourself.*

If there is a wizard behind the curtain, shouldn’t it be you?

* * *

This holiday season won’t be what we hoped. I won’t be seeing my family in person this year. I keep reminding myself how tiring the drive is but it’s thin consolation.

What isn’t thin is that I can rest easy knowing that I won’t be passing on any Canadian Covid, or even the flu, to my immunocompromised family members. That’s a whole lot of yay.

We also now have the option of making this holiday whatever we want. An author I follow had a good take on this idea so feel free to head on over and take a gander. 

It’s ok, I’ll wait.

It’s not like I’m going anywhere.

Guilt Free

“This won’t do.

You still have a right to peace and happiness this holiday season, whichever holiday you choose to celebrate. Decide what that happiness is and go for it.”

— Ilona Adrews

Excellent idea.

* * *

* * *

* Also, if you want to have ice cream for breakfast, dangit, you can.

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Things we no longer need:

  • hangers on doorknobs so the cat isn’t trapped in a room
  • the scratching post in my office
  • the cat tree in the living room
  • the cardboard boxes strategically positioned in all the best kitty spots
  • the blanket on the cedar chest at the foot of the bed
  • the half-empty bottle of anti-inflammatories
  • the half-empty bag of food
  • to make sure we close the laundry room door
  • the chair by the best people-watching window 
  • to worry if I drop a bit of the brownies I made for the vet and don’t immediately pick it up
  • to mute the TV any time a crying baby appears
  • the cat bed by the fire

It’s sad not to have the cat here. That’s not so great.

But also? We had a friend over for lunch for the first time since the pandemic began. It was a fantastic festival of vaccinated friendship and exactly what we needed today. 

* * *

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

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