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A Little Pre-Holiday Thankfulness

The microwave arrived and (thanks mostly to the very handy Mr. Man) is now installed and working beautifully!

Sure, it’s got a different look and beeps funny, but it heats things, hooray!

* * *

Not my kitchen but hey look, a microwave! Photo by JOSBRA design on Unsplash

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We had to run over to Montreal this morning. We left in the dark with rain and snow coming down. Miserable weather and some sketchy traffic, but I’ve always loved a road trip. Leaving the known and heading out into the world, who wouldn’t feel like a hobbit on an adventure?

(Also, it’s been ages since I’ve gone anywhere at all, so I’ll take my fun where I can get it:)

We made it into the city and picked up breakfast at a Moroccan bakery. Then our errand, then driving home on mostly rural roads lit by bright sunshine. Fall is a lovely season.

And lucky me, it turns out adventure tastes like chocolate croissants!

* * *

Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

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I accumulate a lot of links. Work links, sure, but on my way to the data mines I often come across  fun, interesting, obscure or downright delightful corners of the web. They inform me when I need a bit of learning with lunch, cheer me up when the news is too newsy, and otherwise remind me that the internet, like the world, is not 100% terrible.

What sort of links? I’m so glad you asked:)

* * *

Look Up! An Introduction to Identifying Raptors in Flight

  • Helpful, although I’ll probably continue to just say “hawk!” every time I see something predatory with wings. My bird enthusiast father’s reply is always (honestly, can he really be right all the time?*) “turkey vulture.” Just once I wish he’d say “dragon.”

* The answer is yes.

20 of the Best History Podcasts to Help Us Actually Learn From the Past

  • History is cool.

Honest Government Ad | Carbon Capture & Storage – YouTube

  • Is there swearing? There is. It’s warranted.

Introducing the Icelandverse – YouTube

  • Look out, Zuckerberg, Iceland is coming for you.

Bohemian Catsody – A Rhapsody Parody Song for Every Cat Queen and King! – YouTube

  • Since you’re already on YouTube. And like cat videos.

This man won a Guinness World Record for his tree that bears 10 types of fruit

  • “Hussam Saraf says his record-breaking tree with 10 different types of fruit is a metaphor for how he sees the world. … ‘[It’s] mother nature that’s united us all together. Doesn’t really matter how different we are in colour or culture or tradition. We are one, and we can respect each other as one.’” If that’s not nice then I don’t know what is.


  • Each time a user clicks on your generated link, there is a 50% chance that they will be rickrolled.

The True Story of the Blue People of Kentucky

  • Genetics, man.

Photos of the world above and below the sea by David Doubilet

  • Nature, man. These images are amazing.

Periodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures and Words

  • How many of these have you used today?

How to Identify that Light in the Sky

  • Brought to you by NASA and The League of Lost Causes, which is just about the most awesome name ever.

Scientists Create 3,000 TB Simulation of the Universe You Can Download

  • I don’t have the space for this, but maybe you do?

And since I’m a baker, here’s one last link:

All You Could Ever Want to Know About a Pumpkin Slingshot

  • I dunno, I want to know A Lot.

* * *

Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash

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Woke to snow. Not much, more of a light dusting that’s already melting off darker surfaces, but rooftops and lawns are white and dog walkers are all wearing toques

This brings up a critical question: Why don’t we name our snow plows? Scotland does it, and it is awesome.

Trunk Road Gritter Tracker

Which is my favorite? Right now it’s a toss-up between William Wall-ice and License to Chill. 

Welcome to winter!

* * *

Photo by Amariei Mihai on Unsplash

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Photo by Mayank Baranwal on Unsplash

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Did we think about building an elevator for our elderly and arthritic cat? Of course we did! Here’s someone who actually pulled it off:

* Note: Our elevator design would have required an indoor vertical lift with weight-sensitive call functionality, so a little different. Still fun to think about though!

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Some of what I do in this blog is about leaving notes to myself, because I want to remember a recipe or an idea or an event.

Don’t have a blog? Continually misplace your diary? Wish Post-It notes were harder to lose? Want to give Future You a pep talk or notes on a brilliant idea or the memory of the most beautiful thing that happened to you today or a reminder of why you should stick with that challenging long-term goal?

You’re in luck.

FutureMe: Write a Letter to your Future Self

Does what it says on the box.

Decide what you want to write, when to send the letter and whether to make it public or keep it private. I sent myself a little NaNoWriMo encouragement for next year. Not sure what to say? Check out some of these public letters.

Is this time travel? No, but it’s the closest thing we have at the moment so I’m making the most of it!

* * *

Photo by Ali Bakhtiari on Unsplash

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It’s Tuesday so busy busy, but I still made time for a little cat-related fun.

You’re welcome:)

* * *

The remake you didn’t know you needed, by OwlKitty

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Between house stuff and criss-crossing the city for errands I haven’t had time to do anything special today. I did finish up a reread over breakfast, one I knew would satisfy, so I’m feeling pretty good. (I’m one of those people who enjoys rereads. It’s like ordering your favorite meal, knowing that you’ll love it.) The fact that this book is one in a long series is even better.

Isn’t it nice to have something to look forward to?

* * *

Photo by Mohammed Ajwad on Unsplash

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You know how sometimes you see a thing and it sets off little creative sparkles in your brain parts? Well, that’s what happened when I spotted this striking piece of art:

©Von Wong Production 2021 – http://www.TurnOffThePlasticTap.com

Giant “Faucet” Spewing Single-Use Plastic Urges Us To Reconsider Our Plastic Use

When I saw this my first thought (after “Ok, that’s insanely cool”) was “How can I do that? 

Lucky me (and you, if you’re so inclined), the artist has not only created this installation* but turned it into an interactive opportunity. Just as I was visualizing the steps needed to trim a tap like that and build a fountain of plastics, I spotted this:

If you are an artist or creative that would like to participate, join us in creating a remix of the Giant Plastic Tap

— This three story tall giant art installation is leaking plastics into different environments – Von Wong Blog 

Don’t mind if I do! If you want to join the fun, all files needed to remix your very own giant plastic tap are available here:

Remix the Giant Plastic Tap – Photoshop Challenge! – Dropbox Paper

Check out this post for more details on usage.

* * *

I’m practicing new photo processing techniques and thought this was a good place to start. Lots to learn (ugh, lighting and color balance! I was in a hurry, but still) and this challenge is a great way to do it.

Tap image ©Von Wong Production 2021 – http://www.TurnOffThePlasticTap.com, Photos by Jordan RowlandJeff Finley on Unsplash
Tap images ©Von Wong Production 2021 – http://www.TurnOffThePlasticTap.com, Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

* Von Wong’s mind-bending original project was sponsored by the Embassy of Canada in France. Because Canadians are awesome. Every single one!

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