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This morning: up early, start a batch of bread, do laundry, prep a batch of household items for a Ukrainian family new to Canada, including a heavy couch that promised to be a hassle. Everything went according to plan, better than, really. Even the couch move went well.

This afternoon: The new batch of flour is strangely weak, I finished none of the pieces I planned to work on, my Scrivener short story file has developed some concerning hiccups, and (for reasons too pedestrian to get into) I was recently doused in chicken stock.

Ah well! Such is the way of things

The sun is bright, the birds sing, and a monarch butterfly has adopted one of the pine trees out back. Life is good.

* * *

Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash

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The Balance

Ever have one of those days where it seems like everything goes a little wonky? I think of it as The Balance.


Many item drops in video games are randomized but still seem to follow a pattern. It’s as if “randomness” is spread over a thousand rolls of the dice, and has to balance out in the end. So if you’ve gone days without getting a decent drop, suddenly you get three great items. Or if things have been going your way, you get a sudden run of bad luck.*

I find this happens in real life too. Some days everything goes perfectly, but other days?

Not so much.

Some days, if there’s a cord to trip over, I trip. If there’s a remote to drop, it’s dropped. And if the cat decides to get into the closet and eat dry cleaning bags, you can be sure that any effort to stop said behavior will result in a catastrophe of much greater proportions.

Like what, you might ask? Like thwacking one’s head against the treadmill desk holding your breakfast smoothie and having it all come tumbling down.

Everywhere. On everything. And then spending the next two hours cleaning it up.**

That was no fun but it’s actually kind of nice to have such things concentrated into one day. At least you know it’s coming and can prepare accordingly.

  • Will that knife balanced at the edge of the counter fall? Yep.
  • Wonder if you can carry that mug of tea and three books on your laptop and make it downstairs without incident? Nope.
  • Think you might have forgotten to close the garage door? Definitely!

The Balance. It’s not real, but it might be true;)

(As an added bonus, now I know how to disassemble my treadmill:)


* I know this isn’t how randomness and statistics work, I’m just saying that some days, that’s how it feels.

** Someone needs to investigate the usefulness of chia seeds’ gel coating for adhesive. So sticky!

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