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Two of my fellow Writers of the Future v39 winners have posted blogs about craft, and I wanted to share:

Writing Resilience | by David Hankins

One Writer’s Journey | by Elaine Midcoh

David and Elaine are great writers and terrific people, and both of those traits come through in these posts. Enjoy!

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Tomorrow is the book birthday for Writers of the Future Volume 39, which includes my story “Piracy for Beginners” and much more. The publishers went all out, with 544 pages plus a full-color gallery for illustrations, and of course electronic and audiobook versions. 

Am I excited? I am. Am I eager for you to meet my fellow authors and illustrators, who are all amazing talents? They are! Will I remind you of these facts again tomorrow? Probably, because I think that anyone with an interest in science fiction and/or fantasy will find something to love in this collection. After reading the book and spending a week with the other new authors, I was impressed and I hope you will be too.


e/BOOK/AUDIO: Amazon | Apple Books | Barnes & Noble | Bookshop | Google Play | Kobo

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Writers of the Future 39 Book Cover with Flaming Dragon

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How would I describe the past couple of weeks?

Intense, educational, once in a lifetime!

I’ll need some time to process all this but until then, I recommend anyone interested in furthering their writing and career check out the Writers of the Future contest.

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