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Into the Trees

No writing today. Instead, adventure.

Morning: an early drive through the fog-filled hills of Quebec to canoe through a giant water maze, home to beavers, frogs, birds, turtles and more.


Lunch: hot dog with ketchup and sauerkraut in honor of my grandfather, who also liked them that way.

Afternoon: three hours of hiking, climbing, zip-lining, rock climbing fun.

Ziptour – Adventure – Discover our Arbraska Parks

A representative view from the aerial bridge trail. Strangely, it doesn’t look as high as it actually was.

And now we rest.

* * *

This photo represents neither the location or season of today’s zip-line experience. The country and coolness factor are spot on, however. Photo by Constante Lim on Unsplash

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We didn’t go far today but we did have an adventure. A walk on a beautiful sunny day turned into a hike through a wooded ravine that could have been miles away from human settlements. Slick, steep trails, flocks of mosquitoes that chased us a kilometer or more, and the kind of quiet that is hard to come by in a city. All within a few minutes of the house.

It was hot and sticky and itchy and downright delightful.

I celebrated with a new version of a drink I remember from childhood, the lime freeze. Lime juice, ice cubes, simple syrup, cream, and a touch of rose water, garnished with basil from the back garden.

* * *

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We had to run over to Montreal this morning. We left in the dark with rain and snow coming down. Miserable weather and some sketchy traffic, but I’ve always loved a road trip. Leaving the known and heading out into the world, who wouldn’t feel like a hobbit on an adventure?

(Also, it’s been ages since I’ve gone anywhere at all, so I’ll take my fun where I can get it:)

We made it into the city and picked up breakfast at a Moroccan bakery. Then our errand, then driving home on mostly rural roads lit by bright sunshine. Fall is a lovely season.

And lucky me, it turns out adventure tastes like chocolate croissants!

* * *

Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

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There are a lot of ways to tell a story. Out loud, on a screen, around a fire, on paper, you name it. And structure? Novels, plays, shorts, longs, movies, TV, take your pick, and new technologies mean new possibilities.

This Twitter-based choose your own adventure story is one fun example:

Metaverse Noir on Twitter: “START HERE” by Kathryn Yu

Would you like to know more? Here’s an article about the project.

There are so many ways to be creative, and it’s nice to be reminded that most limits are ones we put there ourselves:)

* * *

Photo by Monica Silva on Unsplash

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Malibu Hotel

The sun just broke through the morning clouds bringing warmth and new life to the ocean. Not that it needs it. Birds are everywhere, their presence indicating a basically healthy ecosystem. It also tells me that despite not seeing much in the water, there’s a great deal of life in the ocean. None of this is familiar, from the crash of waves on a choppy day to the glint of sun off water or the gulls floating above the shore. I am here to attend a wedding but right now, that’s the least memorable thing about this trip.

On the way down to breakfast yesterday I passed an old photograph of Malibu Colony. It was taken from the north looking down toward the Adams House and beyond to LA. The houses were small then and pressed close to the beach, low against the wind. A two-lane highway separated the houses from a bit of farmland, a road house that is still there, and a series of empty fields that says all that’s needed about land values in those days. 

It was a very different place and yet the ocean still dominates, the hills still face the water. The narrow road still provides a winding lifeline to the city, although it’s less adequate than it was a hundred years ago. Life is easier here now, if only because the residents have discovered, and packaged, the true value of the land. These rows and rows of pink houses, mansions on the bluff, and motels of all stripes exist because we enjoy the beauty of this place, but also because we love to walk to the edge, lean over as far as we can, and wonder what’s out there.

In my mind, this town at the edge of the continent is an outpost, our leaping-off point into the unknown. What an appropriate place to start a marriage, at the edge of the familiar, loved ones sending you off with well-wishes and heartfelt blessings. 

* * *

We met for brunch at a café down the road from the hotel and I was treated to my first insider glimpse of Malibu life. Despite its unprepossessing location on the strip the parking lot was full of Mercedes. This is a mall, and it is treated with respect.

Squinting against the summer glare, I thought I’d stumbled into a supernova. Instead I was surrounded by women with blindingly white hair, their helmets and war paint and sleek-fitting uniforms overwhelming. Perfect hair, boobs, makeup and noses all packed into bodies at various stages of preservation. I let them pass.

Hands grip the boat’s side
golden skin on the water
summer sets so fast.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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