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Cat Tale

This is a story about the cat. Also other things.

Lord Argyle suffered through his first trip (with us) to the vet today.

Like so many other vets these days, ours is extremely busy. Between pandemic restrictions, new pet owners, reduced hours and practitioners, vets are having to deal with a lot lately.

Why It’s So Hard to Find a Veterinarian These Days – The Atlantic

Our original meet and greet appointment was scheduled for mid-October, but when we noticed that our fellow was having some issues, they got us in right away. Our vet really is great. 

And yes, I made her brownies.

The final report was not bad. Not 100%, as he is having some allergic reactions, has a weird hole in his gums and oh yes, weighs sixteen pounds.

Sixteen! Big is fine, but we want to make sure he’s healthy too.

So while we think most of these issues will be relatively easy to resolve, we have a bit of work to do.

* * *

Heading home, cat loudly protesting the recent indignities, I watched a thought fly by.

“I was hoping this time would be a little easier. What if he’s not ok?”

To which the rest of me responded, “Are you kidding? One, you are not bleeding, so this cat is definitely easier than Neko.”


“Two, if our three-year old cat were instead a newly-rescued kitten, he would have other issues. Fun stuff like conjunctivitis, bad digestion, ticks, fleas and worms.”

Also true. Ew.

“And three, if you went for a check-up today you would have issues too. Are your teeth perfect, your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar ideal, your heart rate and joints and eyesight all functioning at peak levels? Do you exercise enough? Do you eat only what you should and not what you shouldn’t?”

Wellll… You may have a point.*

“And yet, your life is good. Not perfect, but good. Do your best and his will be too.”

Ok. You’re right. 

Here’s to a good life. 

Not perfect, but good.

* * *

* Erm. See the previously mentioned brownies.

* * *

Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash

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My version of that one (super true) cat meme:

Super super true.

Also, kitty needs a new bed.

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In response to the top request of the week so far, I give you another kitty update.

When we first met Lord Argyle we noted that he was mostly white with a few grey-black splotches. We thought he would be a great fit and he was super cute, just had the bad fortune to be an adult cat who had been passed over too many times in favor of kittens. His coloring looked a little like Neko, our last cat, but not enough to be weird. 

Apparently, we didn’t look hard enough. 

In some positions and in certain lights, Argyle looks almost exactly like Neko. He is also long and sturdily built, a tad overweight, and enjoys the same spots she did, like the top of the stairs and the chair in the library. I sometimes catch a glimpse of him peering through the railing and do a double take.

Is it weird? A little, but as far as personalities go, that’s where the resemblance ends.

Argyle is still a little nervous but he’s also very cuddly, doesn’t mind being picked up or otherwise touched, and has yet to growl at a passing dog, lawn mower or delivery person. 

Our new overlord is sweet, and we’re having a great time getting to know him.

* * *

Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash

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The new cat is settling in. Despite the initial freak out and subsequent hiding marathon, today he came out from under his chair and decided that we would be allowed to pet him. We spent an hour demonstrating our kitty servant bonafides, and he graciously decided to give us a chance.

Progress, hooray!

* * *

Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

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Lord Argyle

Meet Lord Argyle!

* * *

Will we change his name? How long will it take for him to get comfortable in his new home? Will he ever come out from inside that chair?

We’ll have to wait for answers to these and other questions, but for now we’re just happy to have him ensconced (as per the rescue’s recommendation) in a quiet room of his own. He’s a little freaked out (unsurprisingly) but was curious and active, both good signs!

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The Kitty Countdown is coming to an end! We pick up our new cat tomorrow afternoon, so we’ve been running around moving precariously-balanced items, stocking up on catnip and toys, and generally getting the house ready. It’s exciting.

Wish us luck!

* * *

Photo by Melvina Mak on Unsplash

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Our menagerie is about to expand. Not only have three adorable little bunny rabbits taken to frequenting the front yard, but we finally decided on a cat. We went with the slightly older, shy, fluffy and adorable option. We’ll pick him up this weekend so no pics yet, but here’s what he looked like as a kitten.

I asked DALL-E to make you an image of “a white cat with black spots and three rabbits in a garden, layered paper style” and got this.

DALL-E: It’s nice that it tried.

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After many months, we are finally ready to start searching our local rescue for a new cat. Or two!

* * *

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(written 07/08/22)

Today I’m dealing with a new kind of challenge.

We have power, which I no longer take for granted. The microwave works, the computers work, the TV and stove and washing machine and lights all work, and for that I’m grateful.

Our components are all functioning. What isn’t working? The network that connects those components, and us, to the wider world.

We woke up, started the laundry and coffee and breakfast and booted up the work computers. Then? Nothing. No signal. I can work in my design program, for example, but I can’t deliver my project. I can’t check my email, log in at work or make calls (sorry Mom!).

Somebody at internet central did something and somehow it all went wrong. (The part of this equation that interests me the most is that apparently no one thought to ask, “What happens if this thing we’re about to do doesn’t work?”).

So today has been business as unusual. On the plus side? Another opportunity to appreciate all the technology, infrastructure, and other amenities that we typically take for granted.

And while I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to post this today (spoiler alert: nope), my target was to write every day. Goal achieved.

* * *

Note from the future: it wasn’t just us, here, it was every Rogers customer, everywhere.

Rogers outage shows need for Plan B when wireless, internet services fail, analysts say | CBC News

* * *

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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We rose early. At 5:30 the world was quiet, not just because of the hour but because a heavy blanket of grey fog covered the neighborhood. Houses across the street loomed in the haze, their trees mere outlines. 

The fog is almost gone now but the grey sky remains, a low ceiling that dampens sound. The birds don’t mind. A family of grackles is flitting from back yard to front, jays and finches and robins visit for a bath, and a pair of mourning doves make themselves at home on the stonework. The plants don’t mind either. Yellow tickseed flowers stand open and bright yellow even without the sun. And now, a slight breeze whispers through the maple leaves. 

The wider world awakes.

* * *

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