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I think I should start posting earlier in the day. You know, when the schedule still glows with possibility, and my plans have yet to come to fruition but still could.

Have I finished baking the week’s bread? No, but it is in progress.

Have I aced today’s Wordle? No, but it’s still possible I could pull out a miraculous win. (It’s not, if I’m honest. Really not.)

Will I get to all that yard work on my list, including a date with a massive downed tree branch and a power saw? Soon, definitely!

Finished reading that book on building better habits (and generally being more awesome)? No, but I am halfway through and already feel a fresh cloak of virtue wrapping itself around me like a warm blanket.

Have I worked out a fix for a broken computer, created a brilliant new recipe, drafted a story, sent in that submission, raked and trimmed and seeded and cleaned and refilled and laundered and baked and donated and delivered? (Or realized that this list is unrealistically, impossibly long?)

Now, barring a sudden attack of zombies or a meteor shower, I’ll actually get a lot of these things done. But all of them? 

Probably not. The gap between where I am and where I’d like to be will always be wider than my reach. 

Still. It’s morning and right now all things are possible. Doesn’t the sun shine brighter for it?

Here’s to a productive weekend. Because hope, as they say, springs eternal!

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This is my (non-day job related) To Do List Action Matrix (sounds very official, amirite?)

Ooh, I feel the actiony energies bubbling up already. Wait, how is it lunchtime already?

Not the complete list, you understand, but a selection of the items I am most likely to tackle in the next few days.

He he. Let’s see how far I get, shall we?

* * *

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