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Today, an experiment in animation. Thinking of my mom, my other moms, and all the mothers out there who help us grow.

Design concept and elements adapted from Garden tools set by pch.vector, and Garden illustration by macrovector via freepik, and Monarch Butterfly Insect and Animal Butterfly via Pixabay

* * *

Photo by Uljana Maljutina on Unsplash

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Not everyone likes Canada Geese (they can be messy), but I love to hear them calling as they fly north to the river, pointing the way to spring.

* * *

Photo by Charles Jackson on Unsplash

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Ever wanted to make comic-style engraved images? I have, and today I got a wee bit closer to that goal.

Photos by Austin Li and King Lip on Unsplash, Andy05’s Classic engraving effect for Affinity Photo

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Apparently I am not done with the Chimera Chronicles, or whatever you want to call this animal-human hybrid portrait thing I’ve got going on.

Behold, King Cassowary!

* * *

With apologies to William II, King of the Netherlands. Bird image by David Clode on Unsplash

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Some days you get an idea in your mind and you have to go with it or spend the rest of the day pestered by the project that was not.

Meet Captain Pepper Griff McCaticus. She lives with friends and, apparently, spent a previous life rising through the ranks. Which helps explain her current position as queen.

“You know how it is with cats: They don’t really have owners, they have staff.”

― P.C. Cast

* * *

Original images via Captain Cat’s devoted staff and Unsplash.

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I’m bouncing from project to project again, doing some work work and some practice work. I’ve also started about half a dozen posts but nothing feels right, because none of them said what I was really thinking, which is that today I am the Queen of Meh.

This is not to say that things are not a-ok, I’d just prefer to be making more progress.

Mood: pretty groovy, thanks for asking.

Fine, let’s roll with it.

I did nothing amazing today but do things I did. The project I had the most fun with was practicing photo compositing. Here’s a chimera that is not very good but I like anyway: Behold, the Winged Buffabear!

Original photos by Steven Cordes and Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash,
daguerreotype overlay from Spoon Graphics

* * *

I think I’ll try to follow this advice by Christine Carter, and my own, and aim low:

The 1-minute secret to forming a new habit

Here’s why we need to be willing to be bad: being good requires that our effort and our motivation be in proportion to each other. The harder something is for us to do, the more motivation we need to do that thing. And you might have noticed, but motivation isn’t something that we can always muster on command….

The goal, remember, is repetition, not high achievement. So let yourself be mediocre at whatever you’re trying to do, but be mediocre every day. 

— Christine Carter

That I can do!

* * *

Look at all those minutes!
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

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If you are familiar with Harry Potter then you know what a patronus is. (If not, check out this explainer.) I like the books and the concept, but also the imagery. So I decided to see if I could work out how to do the glowing-semi-translucent-super-cool-flying-animal effect in Affinity Photo.

I used a modified version of this Photoshop tutorial, and while the instructions don’t exactly translate to Affinity it was close enough to get me in the ballpark.

And of course now all I can see are the bits I’d like to change,* but isn’t that always the way? Next time!

* * *

* Seriously, those wings are way too small. It’s so weird that a mythical Greek creature swapped into a magical wizarding world refuses to obey the laws of physics.

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I’m having fun crossing things off my list, like juicing my backyard grapes and mowing. I also spent some time with a compositing tutorial, and made this image as a reminder that the world is often deeper and more astonishing than meets the eye.

Photos by Kamil Lehmann and Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Plus, whales are cool.

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Today, more adventures with photo composites. A few simple experiments to learn where all the tools are and how to use them:

And then a more complicated example:

She who seeds the stars. Based on this tutorial. The detailed selections were the hardest part, so that’s what I’ll work on next.

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My ancestors continue to get younger, it seems. My mother found a portrait of herself as a baby and sent it my way. I like both general and family history, plus I was happy to have another chance to practice my photo restoration skills:

So cute!

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