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Today was the last day of snow here at Maison J. Very exciting! Sure, the south-facing neighbors have been basking in the beauty of Spring for ages now (days at least;) but today was finally our day. Snow has melted, cardinals are singing, the trees out front are just about to bud and all is well.

“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”…
“It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden 

Also, the Easter Bunny says hello!

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(This is me, willfully ignoring the many, many feet of snow still camped out on my front lawn.)

Happy Spring!

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white snow on rooftops
red tulips on southern slopes
oh, #MyCanada


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Finally! On Easter the last of our snow melted. We have flowers for the first time since winter arrived. This post is for my mother, who picked violets for her mother, once upon a time.

Happy Spring!


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My father and his partner have been off on a delightful trip to Florida and other parts South, and I just received this postcard (bright red circles added for annoyed emphasis):



This would be amusing if my front yard did not currently look like this:


Welcome to Spring, Canadian style. I’ll admit, the card’s not funny, it’s hilarious. Because it’s so true!

Now, where’s my shovel?

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Between guests and work and the glorious arrival of Spring (finally!), I’ve been swamped. Now that the lemon thyme and rosemary and chives and tarragon and bush tomatoes and Scarlet runner beans and apple mint are planted and the fig trees are basking out in the sun and the lawn mowed (three times in the past week, three!), I may actually have a moment to edit the half dozen stories waiting impatiently on my plate.

Here’s a cover image I made for one of those stories (months ago, when I had time for such things), using the excellent and very fun Pulp-O-Mizer!

The T-4200

And here’s a bit of encouragement in case your life has been as busy as mine:)
I don’t know what you may presume impossible, but I can say that some of it will turn out otherwise.

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Goodbye, Wreath

Sometime after Christmas I decided to leave our holiday wreath up until the snow melted. Not just road snow or even sidewalk snow, but the snow that lurks by the cedar hedge, sheltered in the shadows of the house.

How long could it take? I wondered. (Oh, the naiveté of one new to the North.).

This long:p The snow is finally gone, and the wreath is coming down:)

My next goal is to spot a flower. Outside. Growing!

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My holiday wreath remains on the door because there’s still a little pile of snow out in the front yard. Impressively, the snow survived yesterday’s 70F weather. The house shades that section of the yard from sun most of the day, and layers of traction control sand provide the snow with a bit of a buffer, a turtle-like defense against Spring. I’m almost rooting for the little guy, persistent as it is.

Almost:) Happy Spring!

^ Not my front yard, but oh so pretty all the same.

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Geese! The first skein of spring just flew overhead in V formation, calling as they angled toward the river. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Perhaps this interminable winter will end after all.

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