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Last Thoughts

We’re enjoying the holiday but our time this week has included a funeral. It left me with a thin veneer of sadness, and what better time to shake that off than the last day of the year? And so, a haiku to siphon those thoughts away and make room for the new.

Your first accident

first break first loss first body

and if becomes when.

Now, on to better days.

* * *

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I’m still working through my tech to-do list, and while there are still a few issues popping up, I’m close to being back on track. So no, I have not spent the weekend working on writing projects as planned, but I am ready to hit the ground running, swing into action, get cracking, or your preferred cliché here, etc. etc.

I also ran across a stack of notes that contained to-do lists from before we bought house. A decade ago. The pile also included story ideas, the lifetime warranty for my lucky fishing hat, and a random page of haiku. The poetry ranged from bright and sunny to, well, I’ll let you be the judge.

One cold, dark night.

Knee-deep mud and a shovel.

But that’s love for you.

* * *

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Tomorrow is December first, I’m feeling a bit wistful, and it’s raining. I’m not big on shoveling but I can’t help thinking that snow would be much more fun.

So, a haiku.

November passes.
Leaves cling to branches despite
Rain that should be snow.

* * *

Photo by Rhendi Rukmana on Unsplash

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Summer night—
even the stars
are whispering to each other.

― Kobayashi Issa

* * *

Photo by Trevor McKinnon on Unsplash

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white snow on rooftops
red tulips on southern slopes
oh, #MyCanada


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